Bringing art back into the classroom

"Despite mounting evidence of its role in student achievement, arts education is disappearing in the schools that need it most." - Sabrina Holcomb, Senior Writer-Editor at National Education Association

Did you know that elementary students are graduating without taking a single art class?  

Boldly Creating Life Foundation brings art supplies and art facilitators back into elementary school classrooms that are lacking an art program due to budget cuts. By bringing different art modalities back into the classrooms, children will learn how to to express their creativity hands-on. Research has shown that students involved in the arts do better academically overall, and their self-confidence improves.

We work with art instructors and artists to train volunteers as art facilitators. We integrate with the art lesson other academic subjects according to the California Department of Education Content Standards for elementary grades so that students can learn about, through, and with the arts while implementing the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards.

We also bring the arts to work with Senior citizens and adults going through difficult times such a grief, major illnesses, or needing help with trauma healing.

Our community is composed of individuals who are passionate about our mission to serve, help, and empower individuals through creative expression. We are thankful for our staff, volunteers, sponsors and donors who enable us to make our vision possible.

Your tax deductible contribution allows Boldly Creating Life Foundation to foster creative expression and empowerment to our children. Find out how you can be part of our community.

"The vast majority of public schools, arts programs—and teachers—are in more trouble than ever, despite the growing body of evidence showing a powerful link between arts education, student achievement, and teacher performance." - Sabrina Holcomb, Senior Writer-Editor at National Education Association


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What Teachers are saying about our program:

I just wanted to say that when you come into the classroom my students are totally different (in a very positive way). They LOVE when you come in to do the art lessons. The kids I often have difficulty with do a complete 180. I am so appreciative of your volunteering to help my kids in art. Thank you so much. 

- Ms. K. Dulaney, Elementary School Teacher

I fully support Gladys Jimenez's art program.  She has been volunteering for many years as an art docent and I believe that with the help of her art program, we as teachers can expand our teaching tools, and students can benefit from a greater quality of learning experiences.

- Ms. Lynn Laney, Elementary School Teacher

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