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Darrel McPhearson

Darrel McPherson

Darrel McPherson’s colors are soft and emoted, he quickly renders them on the spot to capture the essence of time, space and nostalgia as felt by past masters, in a technique known as en plein air. His larger works are then started the same day while the feeling is still fresh.

McPherson has painted constantly from 1970 to the present. His background in art started in Indiana at Indiana University and his work transformed in Memphis. While attending Memphis University he gained his MA.

Originally, the artist’s background lent more abstract and even symbolist stylistically but everything changed in 1990 in the viewing of a small paint sketch by Pissarro, “When I saw for the first time the power of feeling of an afternoon in the French countryside so long ago I realized the spirit of a work can be more than the image.”

The last breakthroughs occurred for the artist in 2006 that formed his present work.  The artist considers his school of influence to be the French School and the California Style as well as the Hudson River School. His influences are Pissarro, Gauguin, Monet, Degas, Edward Payne, William Sontag Jr., James and William McDougal Hart among others. 

His works have been shown in galleries across the country and collected globally.

Gladys Jimenez

Gladys Jimenez was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1963. She has always been a creative person.  It was her summer trip to Europe in 1985 that inspired her to use oil as her preferred painting medium.

Ms. Jimenez first juried art exhibit was in 1986 at the Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery in Hollywood CA. Ms. Jimenez had a buyer for her painting the first day of exhibit.

From 2011-2013 Ms. Jimenez took fundamental art classes at CSUSM and Palomar College in San Marcos CA where she studied under Michael Steirnagle, Ken Joudrey and Steven Curry to name a few. 

Ms. Jimenez believes in growing and making her artwork stronger with time. In 2018 she was part of Nicholas Wilton's 12 week Creative Visionary Mentorship Program.

Ms. Jimenez has exhibited her artwork in numerous juried art exhibitions and has received several awards. Her artwork has been published in several publications and is collected worldwide by collectors.

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