Dear friends,

This year it is my goal to raise more funds so that we can provide more art lessons to children. Even after 15 years of volunteering as an art teacher at the local elementary schools, I still find it wonderful to see children's faces light up when they find out they are going to do art. It's just such a joy! 

This week I taught two kindergarten classes and one 5th grade class.  I was so impressed with the kindergarten children. It had been a while since I had worked with little ones and they were so into the art lesson, asking questions such as "Where can I learn more about artists?". after my own heart :)

They all just joined in when it came to the creative process and created beautiful paintings.  My fifth grade class were also very creative and it's so exciting to be able to go deeper into art at their age.  You can see samples of artwork created by children at the Gallery page, on this site.

Boldly Creating Life Foundation brings these art classes to children who do not have an art program in school.  It saddens me sometimes when I think that these 50 kindergarten children will only get this one single art class for their entire academic year! How is that okay?

I can only do so much with my volunteer work, but how I wish more people would be involved and would contribute so that more children could have the experience of art. Parents are willing to volunteer their time to help with the art classes, artist like myself are willing to go and share our time and gifts with the children, but without donations to purchase art supplies, we are very limited in what we can do.

Anyway, at least for one brief moment, we were in bliss creating art.

With love,