There are different ways you can contribute and make a difference. Whether it's with your time, expertise, or financial means, we are grateful for your help.


Without the help of our financial donors, we would not be able to make a difference in the lives of children and individuals that are part of our organization. There are really no words to explain our gratitude to our donors, whose kindness support us, as we work very hard to reach our goals.

Whether you donate one time, on a monthly or yearly basis, regardless of the amount, you are paving the way for our organization to make a difference. Your donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to contribute on a monthly or yearly basis, please contact us. Thank you in advance for your gift.


Our sponsors are the glue of our foundation. Without your support we would not be able to bring our programs to our community.

There are different ways you can sponsor our foundation. You may sponsor us through purchasing advertisement at featured spots on our website or e-news, by purchasing advertisement in print in the materials we distribute, or sponsoring one of our many fundraising events. Please contact us for more information.


Through the hard work of our Independent Fundraisers, we are able to raise funds for our organization that other wise we would have no access to. As an Independent Fundraiser, you will be able to receive a small percentage of the funds you independently raise for our organization, as a thank you token for your time, effort, and expenses you may have incurred during the fundraising event.

Please contact us about your fundraising ideas and how we can work together.


We welcome and appreciate everyone who can spread the word about our foundation. As an Ambassador, you believe in our cause, and are willing to bring awareness about our foundation by sharing it with friends, family, and through other venues such as social media, linking our site to your blog or website, and/or networking.

The more people are aware of our mission, the more chances we have of making a difference. Thank you for your time and effort in supporting us.


Our Volunteers are the corner stone of our foundation. Volunteers give the most precious gift, the gift of time. We always need volunteers to help us facilitate art classes, to do general offices work, track inventory and manage supplies, to plan and coordinate fundraising events, and run errands. We need volunteers to share their expertise in marketing, website development, branding, legal and financial services, and all aspects of a non-profit organization.

Thank you in advance for considering being part of our community. Please contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you.


Whether you need work experience, or the internship is part of your school requirement, we welcome you to our community. You will learn the different aspects of a non-profit organization, help us implement systems, and develop new ideas for our organization to thrive. Contact us for more information.

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“I believe that exposure to the arts in children’s and young adult’s lives helps shape and change them for the better. I can speak from personal experience, and when I look around and recognize the sobering reality that these are the exact programs that are being cut from our schools and disappearing from our communities at a drastic rate, I am more determined than ever to drive my philanthropic efforts in this direction." - Josh Groban


We appreciate your tax deductible gift. Every donation helps.

What Teachers are saying about our program:

"I just wanted to say that when you come into the classroom my students are totally different (in a very positive way). They LOVE when you come in to do the art lessons. The kids I often have difficulty with do a complete 180. I am so appreciative of your volunteering to help my kids in art. Thank you so much." - Ms. K. Dulaney, Elementary School Teacher

"I fully support Gladys Jimenez's art program.  She has been volunteering for many years as an art docent and I believe that with the help of her art program, we as teachers can expand our teaching tools, and students can benefit from a greater quality of learning experiences." - Ms. Lynn Laney, Elementary School Teacher


Boldly Creating Life Foundation (BCLF), is a non profit 501(C)(3) organization.

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